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Danny Wallace brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience with more than thirty years of technical creativity in hospitality, restaurants, and franchise organizations. Providing proficiency in restaurant stack, systems integration, network security, redundant architecture, PCI stewardship, payment gateways, workforce systems, data management, and product development to established operations, brand refresh efforts, and startups alike.

Turning good intentions, and compelling promises, into authentic practices.


Preparing and inspiring others by effectively identifying, planning for, and conquering objectives with creativity, trust, and efficiency. As VP of IT & Data Analytics, Danny demonstrated this with a seventy-year-old burger brand undergoing a major refresh and new franchising effort. Danny laid out their future store with redesigned restaurant/data stack, scoped managed service engagements, and deployed complimentary systems to bring their restaurants into a safe, reliable, and contemporary footing.

Danny's work as Executive Director of IT for one of Texas fastest rising boutique hoteliers allowed him to redefine their managed services engagement, reduce insurance costs through cyber remediation protocols, social engineering awareness as part of new hire onboarding, and compliance with GPNS standards. Working hand-in-hand with ownership, construction, and best in class vendors, Danny was fortunate to help the team deliver Marriott Autograph Collection's "Opening of the Year 2022" in Oklahoma City's historic First National Center.

These experiences have given me tremendous insight into the business of IT, what it means to franchisees, and what best-in-class technology and support should be from a franchisor. It's a great opportunity when you're fortunate enough to steward technology standards that turn ownerships good intentions and compelling promises into authentic practices.

Prior to Wampum Danny spent sixteen years with one of Yum! Brands’ most successful Pizza Hut franchise operators. As CIO he co-developed an above-store reporting SAAS for franchisees and corporate. Danny led his team as they deployed new data integrations for kitchen management, driver tip allocations, delivery tracking, and ticket-level detail analysis, equipping franchisees with unprecedented visibility into daily operations. He led Pizza Hut's Franchise Technology committee, advocating for owners by delivering their collective needs to the brand and down-to-earth technical translation to the franchise Board of Directors.


Danny provided invaluable leadership,
technical expertise, and strategic direction that helped drive our company's success.

Praveena Palanisami
Senior Development LeadYUM! Brands



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