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Serving on the hospitality front lines with more than thirty years of technology industry practice and seventeen years of senior-level strategic, operational, and product development know-how, Wampum works hand-in-hand with clients to develop strategic plans that integrate products and vendors that effectively address your organization's needs on a fractional, project-specific, or long-term basis.


Trusted technology partners are invaluable assets to businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of digital innovation. Reliably implemented software/hardware provides consistent performance and resilience, ensuring minimal downtime and dependable functionality even under demanding conditions. Wampum stewards and supports the following solutions and partners, as they demonstrate shared committment to mutual success.


• 365/Teams/Sharepoint

• GP/PowerBi/Tableau

• Zendesk/Freshworks

• Como/Punchh

• KnowB4/Barracuda

• CrowdStrike/Sophos

• Connectwise SIEM

• Verizon/ATT

• Cox/Windstream

• Relay/Vingcard/React

• Sonifi/Cloud5/AllBridge

• Profit Sword

• Monday/Smartsheet

• OneDrive/Dropbox/Box

• Opera/Lightspeed/ONQ

• HotelKey/Mews

• Simphony/Qu/Toast/SpotOn

• Cisco/Meraki

• ICL/Loomis

• QualtricsXM/Red Pepper

• Hootsuite/Sprout24

• JMark/Centrada/Sagenet

• Craftable

• SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

• Global Payments/Heartland

• Branch App

• Paylocity/Paychex/ADP

• Dragontail

• Miso Robotics

• AWS/Azure 

• ATEL/Nextiva VOIP

• Rallyware/Meta Workplace

• Qypsys/Everon/Sobey

Wampum assists hospitality, restaurant, and franchise organizations in achieving their goals through business platform definition, technology translation, efficiencies analysis, systems integration, roadmap strategy, people development, vendor oversight, technical workflow development, data transformation, hardware stack, PCI stewardship, security, payment solutions, Agile project management, software development, application design, training, marketing, and branding.

Collaborating to identify your tech objectives, address friction points across your business units, and oversee the deployment of technologies and resources that help your entire team reach their summit.

Our services steer clients away from a reactive technology mindset and blunt an organization's potential to fall short when in-house IT knowledge or experience is thin. Bridging outside resources with an internal advocate allows you to capitalize via non-conventional business methods. Wampum fills these gaps, ensuring your consistent success as a partner.



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